VIII days out, Superstar Wars: The Last Jedi’s new trailer left us with questions

The official Star Wars Twitter account shared one ultimate brief trailer for Megastar Wars: The Ultimate Jedi the day gone by, commemorating “VIII days” till the film’s most appropriate. It’s in basic terms 30 seconds lengthy, and it really is in that infuriating social video factor ratio, however the brand new teaser does incorporate some perplexing new material.

While the brand new spot uses an even little bit of footage we’ve got visible in prior trailers, there are a handful of recent photographs—one of them particularly provocative for the different types of fanatics who experience speculation and theories. So so that you can go into each shot contemporary, watch until now interpreting. And so that it will go into the film wholly fresh, do not watch the trailer at all.

Trailer tips

Spoiler porg!

In this trailer, we get various greater shots of Poe Dameron in action in the back of the throttle of his X-Wing—they contain nearly all of what’s new the following. But we also get a glimpse at a stormtrooper preparing what seems to be like an energy axe, for lack of a better time period.

But some of the most incredible shot is the final one—in it, Rey takes and wields what seems like Kylo Ren’s crimson lightsaber throughout the time of some kind of altercation in Snoke’s crimson throne room. There are quite a few explanations this could occur, some great and some no longer. It may be that Kyle Ren changed into incapacitated, so she grabbed his weapon in a time of crisis. It may be that they crew up, and he presents her his weapon so she will be able to battle Snoke.

The alternative explanation is that Rey has actually turned to the darkish facet—per chance the Snoke throne room scene involves a stunning switcheroo by which Kylo Ren sees the easy and Rey goes darkish as they swap lightsabers in a war of words. However many of the trailers up to now have teased that Rey may well flip to the dark side, and they’ve completed it with such volume and consistency that leads me to believe it really is now not going to appear; they wouldn’t wreck some thing that widespread in the trailers, true? Moreover, the Leia going darkish fan conception is a great deal greater fun.

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