The particular toys and rare collectibles that keep watch over our residence places of work

Due to Ars Technica’s extraordinary body of workers-from-all-over association, we do not frequently see how our coworkers manage their residence places of work. There is also the count number of us being a bunch of overgrown young ones who continue, and proudly display, all kinds of toys, action figures, dolls, and other nerdy decorations in our dwelling workplaces.

For that reason, this ultra-modern version of our ongoing “how Ars works” collection focuses especially on the toys and characters that hold watch over our desks, chairs, espresso mugs, and other residence-place of work accoutrements.

Just a few Ars staffers have outed themselves as surprisingly percent-ratty toy collectors, so these persons (Sam Machkovech, Aurich Lawson, and Jonathan Gitlin) have their collections broken out as separate galleries.

The remaining of our quite more restrained staffers’ collections might be seen in this last gallery, below.

List photo by means of Aurich Lawson

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